I create content and launch digital marketing campaigns that get results. 

The online marketing landscape changes rapidly, and it can be challenging to find what works for your business. Not to talk of finding the time to implement it all. 

Plus with so much content being created, it is vital now more than ever that what you produce is useful to your target audience, and forms the foundation of a successful digital marketing campaign. 

That is where I come in. 

I am a certified digital marketer, customer acquisition specialist and copywriter. I am able to make the most of a marketing budget, attract leads and convert them into longterm customers/clients.  You can find me buzzing around the house with a Macbook in my hand and a pen in my afro, as I stand knee-deep in the digital marketing trenches. 

My past/current clients include Microsoft, Telefonica (Owners of O2), TheStreet and Erasmus+. However, I also enjoy working with small to medium-sized businesses, and delivering solid results. 


His copywriting skills are exceptional, and his ability to understand your business and implement the most logical changes for the best results are unmatched.

When coupled with his infectious desire to see everyone succeed (not to mention the fact he is a great guy), you have at your disposal a man who can help shape the life of your business, and yourself forever. It wouldn’t even take me a heartbeat to recommend him - and I’m very difficult to please!
— Steve Gay, Owner, SG Fitness
Abdul is a very capable writer. He was able to suggest topics and make them into Blog posts with very little direction on my part. He was also very flexible (and understanding) with revisions when changes were needed due to compliance restrictions on the Blogs provided.
I would recommend Abdul to any business needing good content written.
— Janene Spence, Renoriches
We’ve worked with Abdul to increase our on site tutorial offerings. Abdul’s experience in writing informative, engaging articles has benefited our copywriting portfolio extensively. The content provided has appealed to our customer base, and has provided us with excellent social outreach results.
— Elliott Pearse, Managing director, Hostpresto.com
I have followed Abdul through social media for a while and was always impressed with his knowledge of digital marketing. Now, having had the pleasure of working with him directly, I am pleased to say he truly is an expert and can easily apply his skill to any industry. Many thanks!
— Dominika Tracy, Founder, Speedbirdmedia